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     Our team members have known each other for a very long time. We have lived in the same neighborhood for five years now. We are all friends and enjoy hanging out together especially when we're playing paintball.

     Allow me to introduce you to our team. We have our oldest player and team captain, Jim Rogers. His son also plays on the team" His name is Kyle Rogers. Then we have two brothers, Jason and Paul Ogle. Paul is about three years older than Jason. Then you have me, David Wright is my name.

     I started playing paintball first. It was with my friend and his church group. This was about two and a half years ago. That was the time that I had become addicted. I told Kyle and Jason about it and they thought that it sounded great. So on Kyle's  next birthday we set out to go play. It was at Action Tagg about two years ago. Well, One person couldn't make it so we asked Kyle's dad, Jim Rogers, to come play with us. We already had an extra gun so he accepted. After that time we all loved it so much that Kyle, Jason, and I went out and bought guns about one month later. We went to play about once out of every three weekends at Real McCoy's paintball. Kyle's Dad went with us so often that he thought it would be better if he just went ahead and bought a gun for himself. And that was precisely what he did. We started going more and more frequently until Jason's brother, Paul got interested and decided to come along with us. And guess what, he loved it so much that a couple of months latter he went out and bought a gun for himself.

     It wasn't till about one month ago that we started seriously thinking about forming and official team. But we did and that may have been the best decision we have ever made. We are going to start this year competing in the Atlantic Coast Tournament  Series (ACTS). This is a chain of ten tournaments stretching from North Carolina to West Virginia, your can learn more about these tournaments at the tournaments page. This is a really big deal for us and we feel that we are ready to compete at the advanced levels of paintball.